TORYU CLUB is the activity group, which enjoys JAODORI (Dragon Dance), one of the traditional performances in the festival at Suwa Shrine in Nagasaki.

TORYU CLUB has started when some fellows who were from Nagasaki and lived in Kanto area, tried to show JAODORI at an event in 2003. Since we were born and raised in Nagasaki watching JAODORI and the experience through the event impressed us very much, we established TORYU CLUB in 2004. All the members at that time were the graduates of Nagasaki Higashi high school, but now we have some members who are from other prefectures. We usually perform at some events, which features "Nagasaki" or reunion parties of high schools in Nagasaki, but we also perform at some festivals in various prefectures or some artists' concerts as well.

What We Do

We mainly perticipate in the events, which encourage to promote "Kyushu" or "Nagasaki" in Kanto area. We sometimes perform in other regions in Japan.
(Please let us know if you are interested in offering us to perticipate at your event. Check this page for details.)

We basecally practice performing JAODORI every 2nd and 4th Saturday or Sunday, but we sometimes change our schedule because of the conflict with the event we perform at, or the lottery result of the application for using a practice studio. We meet up at Nagasaki Industrial Promotion Center Tokyo office in Yostuya to load the dragon and musical instruments to a truck, and then head to Shinjuku Cosmic Sports Center where we usually practice. In addition, we learn/study how to perform by watching the videos of JAODORI at home or we check the past performances together to review and improve. We are really enthusiastic to entertain the audience.



Nagasaki Office in Tokyo  Zetto-ya

WHat is Jaodori (Dragon Dance)?

It is said that JAODORI (Dragon Dance) derived from the rain-making rituals in China. Chinese people who lived in Nagasaki carried their culture to people in Nagasaki, and it was completed by adding some Japanese unique tastes. The golden ball that the dragon seeks and follows, stands for the Sun or the Moon. It is said that the blessed rain falls and make grain productive while the dragon is following the ball.

In Edo era, when Japan had been closed from other countries, Nagasaki was the only city which had developed as the international for trading and opend to the world. This is why Nagasaki has developed its original unique culture, which is not only Japanese style but also mixed with western and eastern cultures, and still remains today.

Nagasaki Kunchi, where JAODORI is dedicated, is proud of its over 370 years history as the big festival of Suwa Shrine, the tutelary god of Nagasaki. Moreover Nagasaki Kunchi is authorized as one of the Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties, there are various kinds of exotic dedication performances, you will not be able to see in other places. Whenever we hear the sound of Kunchi music, especially the instruments for JAODORI , they become so excited that they cannot sit still. JAODORI is one of the most attractive performances in Nagasaki Kunchi, and catches the people in Nagasaki.